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Kid’s Channel

Are you travelling with your entire family? Do you want your children to be entertained during your trip? Come with us! Most children are unlikely to enjoy the information which has been meant for adults. And that is why our Hop On – Hop Off buses are equipped with a tailor-made program for children! Our unique program is designed for children aged 6 to 12, but younger and older children can also enjoy it.

The children will learn interesting information about Prague and its history in a fun way. They will be guided through Prague by a very famous detective and his no less famous companion. Together, they will search for the lost royal crown of Saint Wenceslas. The program also includes illustrated quizzes where the children can make notes of important information which will help them to solve the mystery. Parents can help younger children to fill in the information. You will find the quizzes in our buses or you can download them from our website.


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