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General Terms and Conditions

  • For hotels in Prague City Centre, pick-up from reception is free-of-charge (excluding hotels at Prague Airport).
  • Pick-up from the hotel to the point of departure is not included in the overall duration of the tour.
  • The agreed pick-up point and time are binding. No refund for missed pick-up/departure time.
  • For tours that include drop-off at the hotel, the drop-off point must be announced by the guides at the latest by 12:00 noon on the date of the tour.
  • The pick-up time from the hotel is not identical to the beginning of the trip and depends on the traffic situation and location of the hotel. Late pick-up from the hotel is not a reason for refund.
  • Clients accommodated within walking distance of the point of departure may be picked-up by an employee of Prague Bus Tours, who will guide them on foot to the point of departure.
  • For all tours, we guarantee only commentary in the English language; other languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish) are possible upon request. Commentary is done bilingually.
  • In historical buildings we guarantee only English language commentary. For the rest of the languages, the client shall be provided with a text guide book. Other languages may be provided only if a local guide conversant in the given language is available.
  • The client is obliged to stay with the group and obey the instructions of the guide.
  • Prague Bus Tours shall not be liable for items forgotten in the buses, restaurants or visited buildings.
  • On public holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.), Prague Bus Tours may offer some tours with a special programme at prices other than those shown on the leaflet.
  • Prague Bus Tours reserves the right to change the route of the sightseeing cruise in case of high water.
  • Childrenaged 0 to 2 years free-of-charge without entitlement to a seat. The child price applies to children aged 3 to 11.
  • The student/seniorprice applies to students aged 12–26 upon presentation of their valid student cards and seniors aged 65+.
  • All complaints and reminders must be solved with the staff of Prague Bus Tours immediately at the end of the tour.
  • Prague Bus Tours reserves the right to change the programme and price in case of unexpected changes in the visiting hours of the buildings, traffic restrictions, organisation of cultural events and unexpected natural conditions.
  • T12 Prague Dinner Cruise with music – We can not guarantee type of boats.
  • Cancellation fee of all bookings 1 Euro. No refund of cancellation less than 24 hours before the tour’s start
  • T1 – Grand city tour of Prague – Prague Bus Tours also reserves the right to change the bus route, if the traffic signs and regulations do not enable it to do otherwise.
  • Due to the current situation of Covid 19, the tour will take place only after the minimum capacity has been filled. Your reservation will be confirmed / canceled 2 hours before the start of the tour. Thank you for understanding
  • Prague Bus Tours reserves the right to change.