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Hop On – Hop Off
Terms and conditions

  • The purchased ticket becomes valid once it has been scanned in the bus. No replacements will be possible, if the ticket is lost.  If the client does not present a valid ticket in the bus, he or she will not be permitted to continue in the journey or will have to purchase a new ticket.
  • The ticket must be available for submission to the driver or any other employee of Prague Bus Tours upon request.
  • Children’s tickets are available for children aged from 2 to 12 years of age. Children under 2 years of age can travel free of charge. All children must be accompanied by an individual aged 18 years or older.
  • A family ticket is valid for a maximum of two adults and two children up to 12 years of age. A family with a larger number of members must therefore purchase separate adult or children’s tickets in addition to the family ticket.
  • The cancellation of the ticket with a full refund is only possible in the case of unmarked tickets and non-validated vouchers. Validated vouchers and marked tickets can no longer be returned.
  • All claims and complaints must be resolved with an employee of Prague Bus Tours immediately during the course of the tour or after its completion.
  • If Prague Bus Tours is unable to operate the Hop On – Hop Off service throughout the entire period of the ticket’s validity due to reasons for which the company is culpable or for any other technical reasons, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund of the ticket price. Each request for a refund of money must be submitted immediately after the given event either by telephone on +420 725 255 511 or in person at our meeting point located at: Wilsonova 8, the Main Railway Station, Stop no. 1. Any refunded tickets must be relinquished. No refund can be made without a valid ticket.
  • Prague Bus Tours reserves the right to divert from the marked route in the case of the occurrence of any marches, exhibitions or demonstrations or wherever unexpected circumstances so require. The company is not liable for any delays which have not been caused by its employees and are the result of traffic jams, enforced detours, road closures, exhibitions or any other outdoor events which influence the traffic flow.
  • Prague Bus Tours also reserves the right to change the bus route and the bus stops, if the traffic signs and regulations do not enable it to do otherwise.
  • The times stated in the timetable are merely approximations. Prague Bus Tours endeavours to provide the most accurate bus departure and arrival times. However, the company reserves the right to change these times without any further notification due to any unexpected situations and the traffic situation in Prague.
  • Prague Bus Tours reserves the right to change the route of the cruise circuit in the case of increased water levels or any transport regulations.
  • Prague Bus Tours hereby informs its clients that the cruise through the Čertovka Canal only accounts for part of the boat trip and does not take up the entire cruise. The passage through Čertovka lasts approximately 10 minutes.
  • Prague Bus Tours would like to inform its clients that the boat trip will be considered to be complete, even if the boat is unable to pass through the Čertovka Canal for technical or other serious reasons. The length of the cruise will not be reduced in such a case, however. The cruise always takes 45 minutes. The failure to pass through the Čertovka Canal will not constitute grounds for a refund.
  • Prague Bus Tours draws its clients’ attention to the fact that the entry to the Charles Bridge Museum is only possible with a ticket for the Hop On – Hop Off + Prague Venice Cruise variant. The ticket can only be used once. After leaving the museum, it is not possible to visit the museum again on the same ticket. The closure of the museum on technical grounds or for any other reason does not constitute grounds for the return of the entire boat ticket, the Hop On – Hop Off ticket or any money. Clients will be able to enter the museum on a different day or at a different time.
  • Passengers must remain seated when the bus or boat is moving for safety reasons.
  • The clients are obliged to adhere to the instructions of the driver or any other present employee of Prague Bus Tours.
  • We may deny entry or request that a person leaves the tour, if any such person is involved in offensive behaviour, bothers the other passengers or behaves in a manner which could endanger their safety or that of the other passengers and the employees of Prague Bus Tours. Any such decision will be purely at the discretion of the company or its employees.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol, ice cream or any other liquid products is prohibited throughout the entire journey in the bus! Passengers may be removed from the bus without a refund for failing to adhere to this rule.
  • Suitcases are not permitted in the bus due to the limited available room and passenger safety
  • Passengers are entitled to one set of single-use hygienic headphones with each purchased ticket.
  • It is only possible to take one boat cruise on a 24 or 48 hour ticket, which includes a boat ticket.
  • It is only possible to take one Prague Castle Tour on a 24 or 48 hour ticket, which includes a Prague Castle Tour.
  • Prague Bus Tours is not liable for any items left in the buses
  • We do not guarantee the speed or stability of the Wi-Fi internet connection on board the Prague Bus Tours buses. The network parameters may change in connection with the signal availability during travel.