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T8 Terezín Monument

The town of Terezín is ingloriously known as the largest concentration camp of World War II in Czech lands. Today, this town is a monument to the tragical fates of tens of thousands of Jews who lived in this camp.


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Время отъезда: 09:00

5,5 hrs

Место отъезда:
Main Train Station, Pick up in hotel (city center) Mapy

Main Train Station


    Originally, Terezín was built in the 18th century as a strategic fortress for protection against the Prussian armies. You will visit the town of Terezín and its fortress on our air-conditioned bus. During World War II the Nazis established a police prison in the Small Fortress, and the town itself was turned into a Jewish ghetto. After arriving in the fortress, the guide will take you through the wartime history of Europe, where you will learn what life in the largest Czech concentration camp was like. Terezín definitely belongs among the places that are historically very interesting, and visiting it will help you understand the wartime history of Europe.


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    • Pick Up
    • Travelling by modern bus
    • Tour Guide
    • Entrance Fee
    • USB charger

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