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Get to know this majestic castle, which was built by Charles IV as a treasury for the crown jewels. The history of Karlštejn is connected with many legends; this symbol of the golden ages of Czech lands is definitely worth visiting.


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    Karlštejn Castle was established in 1348 and occupies a completely unique position among Czech castles. It was built by Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV as a depository for royal treasure, especially saint relics and the crown jewels of the empire. What is very impressive about the castle is the original preserved terraced arrangement of the individual castle buildings. From the lowest operating parts of the Lower Castle, the Well Tower and the Burgrave Palace, the castle continues with the majestic five-storey Imperial Palace and Mariana Tower standing above it. On the peak of the rock projection, the castle culminates with a monumental, 60-metre tall Great Tower and a system of massive fortification.

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