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Konopiště and Karlštejn

Get to know an important seat of Czech nobility and the royal treasury of Charles IV during an all-day private tour, visit Konopiště chateau and the majestic castle of Karlštejn to discover famous Czech history.


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    Konopiště chateau was established at the end of the 13th century, probably by Prague bishop Tobias of Benešov. He found inspiration for his architecture in French fortresses. Konopiště especially stands out due to its abundant chateau collection, which ranks among the most valuable in Europe. When visiting this chateau, do not miss its Rose Gardens with greenhouses, which were built by Franz Ferdinand d’Este. The majestic castle of Karlštejn was built by Charles IV in 1348 as a treasury for the crown jewels of the empire and occupies a completely unique position among Czech castles. Its history is connected with many legends and it is a symbol of the golden ages of Czech lands. Besides the crown jewels, it also guarded royal treasure and saint relics.

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