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Trip to Mariánské Lázně

Come with us and discover a city with countless healing springs and an exceptional spa atmosphere. Mariánské Lázně represents a unique harmony of natural scenery and architecture. The Park Boheminium will introduce you to the Czech Republic's most famous buildings, all in one place, and you can also look forward to a traditional Czech lunch.


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10 hours

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Pick you up at hotel.

Free drop off to the hotel.


    Mariánské Lázně is one of the most beautiful spa cities in Europe. Discover the city with healing springs, an exceptional atmosphere, and unique architecture. During the urban design process, planners first mapped out the parks, and subsequently built the spa facilities around them. A subtle unity of landscapes, natural elements, and architecture create an inimitable genius locus. The city’s spa life centres around the Neo-Baroque Art Nouveau cast iron colonnade from 1889, in front of which stands the famous “Singing Fountain”. The city itself is host to approximately 40 springs, with over 100 more in the immediate surroundings. For centuries, these famous healing springs containing carbon dioxide and mineral salts have been utilised for drinking cures, mineral baths, and inhalations. Important figures who enjoyed spending their summer holidays in Mariánské Lázně include J. W. Goethe and English King Edward VII.

    You will visit Park Boheminium, which introduces its guests to over 60 models of the most famous monuments in Bohemia. The exhibit is situated on 5 hectares of scenic parkland. You can also look forward to a traditional Czech lunch.

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