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T10 Tour of Karlovy Vary

Get to know Karlovy Vary with its beautiful colonnade in the form of an all-day bus trip. When touring Karlovy Vary, you can improve your health by drinking hot springs from typical spa cups.


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Departure Time: 9:00

9,5 Hours

Main Train Station Mapy

Free drop off to the hotel.

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Go with us to the largest and most popular spa town in the Czech Republic, the history of which dates back to the 14th century. Today, Karlovy Vary is also famous for its film festival, which takes place there every year. After arriving in Karlovy Vary, you will take a walk along the colonnade through the historic centre, where you can not only try the hot springs, the most famous of which, named Vřídlo, spurts boiling hot water up to a height of 12 metres, but also delicious spa wafers. After a 3-course lunch you will have enough time for an individual programme.

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We have prepared for you the best offer through which you can enjoy a trip by modern bus with complete on-board services and an experienced guide at a bargain price. This advantageous offer, unlike the basic price, does not include certain additional services such as admission and meals.

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